Civil Engineering Structural Analysis Lab Experiments

Continuous Beams

Continuous beams, which are beams with more than two supports and covering more than one span, are not statically determinate using the static equilibrium laws

e = strain
σ = stress (N/m2)
E = Young's Modulus = σ/e (N/m2)
y = distance of surface from neutral surface (m).
R = Radius of neutral axis (m).
I = Moment of Inertia (m4 - more normally cm4)
Z = section modulus = I/y max(m3 - more normally cm3)
M = Moment (Nm)
w = Distributed load on beam (kg/m) or (N/m as force units)
W = total load on beam (kg ) or (N as force units)
F= Concentrated force on beam (N)
L = length of beam (m)
x = distance along beam (m)

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